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Follow Me on Pinterest

26 Jan

I have collected a lot of information around the web about crocheting and beading.  My collection includes links to techniques, free patterns and inspirational pieces.  Take a look…

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you haven’t used Pinterest yet, take a good look around. If you are visual like me, it is a perfect place to store all of those projects you want to come back to later. Think of it as your own personal bulletin board or filing cabinet!


Dipsy-Doodled Introduction

26 Jan

Do you ever dipsy doodle?  I have been dipsy doodling since we moved.  It is time to stop and get focused!  While crafting has been taking a lot of my time and energy, I don’t have a lot to show for it. I dipsy doodle here to there, randomly searching for inspiration and starting projects.  This blog is my idea to find accountability.  Along the way, I will share the knowledge I have about crafting and hope you will do the same.  Welcome.

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